life as we know it

Michael, 22
Tattoo Artist
Ink It Tattoo Studio
New Bern, NC

Likes tattoos & other arts, writing/ poetry
in a very happy relationship
with the most amazing girl ever


I’ll continue on toward the sun, with content and love. I’ll feel the warm embrace and rise to the heavens to fill my place. A moon beside the sun, eclipsing her and letting her radiance shine thru me, engulfing my inner being.

My sun

Beauty unmatched to that which she creates, unraveling splendor contained by skin and bone. I’m brought to where I remember, and her fingers play a song that is familiar, soft and subtle she breathes out a fresh electrifying sensation that travels far down into my lungs. Gaping windows I can’t help but get lost in, over come by this I can never find the words needed but if thought or memory could be shown I’m sure she would know. I want to hold on to the feeling of deep connection forever, cherish her for she creates the beauty in life I’m so gracious to have, driven insane by the taste she offers, nothing compares, sweet and divine. My eyes and body beg for more. I could live here forever wrapped up in the warmth she provides while she encloses me inside. I will love her for all of time, she is the foundation in inside my heart and mind.

And you can stand there and tell me so.

Stressful and complicated are more than enough to describe how things constantly seem, if it’s not taking life head on and live then it’s sit back and be patient, is there any gray area where things just work, does it always have to seem so polar. Make a decision and live the rest of your life with it’s outcome. It seems like even for the better decisions we make in life something is always left behind. Big or small, something is always missing. And you will always miss it.


I can still say that it would all be worth it, the memory lost, I could cherish again. One last recall.

And still, every day is a battle.

Dear agony

"Somewhere far beyond this world, I feel nothing anymore"

Hello symphony

The symphony is long gone, that’s why it’s titled with a parting phrase. But the song still plays.


Figments of past shattered but lodged right into my line of sight. If only it were to be removed would I stand like I do now. Progress comes from the soil tilled by these beaten hands. What is there to be learned if no mistakes were made. we will all keep digging till everything that is in our way is dug up. Let us plant what we want to see, let us plat who we should grow to be

As you walk through the grave yard on that unkempt October, tombstones of those remembered immortalized in the earth forever, did you feel it creep down your spine when the new fog rolled in, or was it when you looked into my dark eyes and feel our souls bond together you and I intertwine.