life as we know it


Greenville, NC

Likes tattoos & other arts, writing/ poetry


Tomorrow’s unrelenting torture, pain spread across her chasm, can the key entity remove what is set in place, when will dreaming cease against a harsh reality, were pawns played in favor of the winning hand, perfect inflections that claim to be honest, can’t be honest when the barer is heavy handed in guilt, time spent learning is better than shadow cast in ignorance, what I couldn’t have been has been found among your wandering eye, reflections parallel to my past existence, no veil keeps these things hidden, you don’t have to speak towards this deff ear, finding this by the trail left behind, the thief of dreams and hearts, never got away with anything, and is always left with nothing.


In times of great despair, hands hold hope that the wind will move, feel and fit amongst the others, all of this is perception, blend into that which stands apart, a Mona Lisa replicated all for the sake of art, what is left for one is taken on my many, what treasure awaits that hasn’t been seen, what is mine will always be for no one has the key, open those blind eyes so that you can now see.

Standard comprehension, two way mirror, me staring at myself with eyes focused back at me, problem I’m the one, answer drawn in a slurring tongue, thirteen knots for a necklace to be, forever printed to make you suit, what satisfaction can there be, in the hands a cloth is cut, from the same blood that cast you out, can an affliction heal this minor case, or will the floor become a home, remove the bird from it’s rib cage, heart from feather, what’s the difference, doctor can we make it happen, I’m the one behind the glass, draw the curtains, draw them down.

Intensity through touch, a shape to electrify my finger tips and a sent that draws me home, you keep my mind clouded, expression words can’t defy, slip your shape over me and watch me shake, nothing can compare, down to hands and knees, a red shape made of my hand, pulled up close to my hips, call out in ownership, let me know I’m the direction, fall over me and let us both collapse.

Thought process other than the greater, never asked sight of hand, memory blank to push through, pick up and retaliate, can I remember after…, important motivation can’t check the balance, left step to where a right should have taken, dent to polish, crater to call home, live inside and remember, spoken out loud but silent enough, not to quake the outer shell, a crack to replace one never meant, care is all in the hands, finger tips to follow, love tied in the one arm race, default process for the mind, trails off into the distance, an epic that never happened, at least to the writers knowledge, let the scale even it out.

A tangible settle, above a horizon set across this line. Under warpaths pillow spoken to ear, a shady spot to feel different, I know no difference, remember to teach me different. Covet and forget to let the room breathe, what about familiar leads a broken leg to heal, where does it fall and where can standing begin again

Just a few tattoos I’ve done over the last few months for my full portfolio and other random photos please follow me on Instagram: madc_tattooart, thank you all for the support and love

Corrupt hallow chords distressed through the throat, breathe forth the blanket which has crowned the body, six feet above the stage of torments earth, weight for the rib cage to become a second spine, push forward as different places become intertwined, keep blind eye toward a sparse sporadic mind, blind folds aren’t needed to follow a truth, when the mask falls from it face, will distance still hold it’s place, crippled is this one legged race, man made to never change, unhinge the mold and skin will be left to break, to leave behind a mind redefined.

Puzzle incomplete. Movement bound to obsolete, a familiar skin for hands to play, time restrained and thoughts retained, keep the moon in orbit, that is all it asks, illuminate my grey shape dear sun, fit into place. A puzzles completion, regardless of stance and beginning, drawn and changed. For the grace of a waves new beginning, while out all thoughts of humanity before, high above, cleansed for everything ever wanted and for all that can’t I can’t live without. If words made clear, I’ll feel the warmth surround all of me, grey flushed away, a warm umber. Surround me and let me give truth to all that is needed. My sweet sun.


I’ll continue on toward the sun, with content and love. I’ll feel the warm embrace and rise to the heavens to fill my place. A moon beside the sun, eclipsing her and letting her radiance shine thru me, engulfing my inner being.