life as we know it


Greenville, NC

Likes tattoos & other arts, writing/ poetry

Shrouded around, the call to all the silent sleeping, couldn’t have been forward, taken upon your feet a path that I left behind, reflecting my past and you chose to walk it down, yet forced me to stray, direction you gave but you chose to be that snake among the grass, knowing the heart strings to play, defile the cavity inside, spill your blackened words into the air, and let the lambs breathe it in, cryptic in prose, I’m glad you gained a foot hold upon my throat, but I don’t believe you have ascended high enough, snap my vertebrate to gain the ground you have lost, I can give what is left so you remain golden in the eyes of your vanity, impressive standings of moral direction pushing for that twisted since, backwards your process and contradictory your actions, claim a view of respect for a temple, but shown upon eyes for everyone to see a dunce, how long will your ignorance toward the views you preach continue, let those still frame pictures be your reminder of a blind eye.

Your silence betrays the promises you made

I will fucking burn down, embers to bow, rip out my infectious state and bring upon a selfless stained vessel, rape my being and leave me with nothing, butterfly to cause a tsunami, things left unsaid, emergency room to be a coffin, a mirror for vanity, hell sounds better than this life, ripped away.

And while your standing there staring at yourself in the mirror and viewing those pictures, I hope you realize you are more in love with your self than anything else, I guess I’m the downfall product of your vanity.

Yeah totally just swing by so I can remember what it was I couldn’t be good enough for or wasn’t what was wanted, that totally just makes my day. Like if you really needed to talk then talk, I don’t want or need explanations from you. Like general concern aside why are you wasting your time, go find whatever it is you are looking for or whatever it is that’s going to make you happy bc it’s not going to be me

Concrete stationary, several tongues behind gnarled teeth, flip the breaker, save my self, this new dawns maker, bring it back to draw my figure, true intentions left my spine, I’ll be here holding still for all of time.

You think I care for all these phony pleasantries
When I want nothing to do with, I want nothing to do with your life


And I hope she notices, she kills me with those earth drawn eyes, I’m tied to no tether, what will a heart remember, keep beating love into this still born vessel, come on and make me remember, hope that these two legs carry, white washed and broken, give me that hand to build a foundation, I’m a screaming soul from this reformation, take me under, and lay my head to sleep on that beating heart, give me a new beat to remember, I want to feel that rain wash over, let me sleep to a new beat I’ll treasure, and not be upon theses seas forever

A random rant

I like how you pretended everything was ok and fine, like we are adults, I would probably have wanted us to at least remain close friends if you would have just opened your fucking mouth and spoke to me and I feel like that’s what hurts me more than you actually not being in my life anymore.

Modified lyrics to situational purposes

It’s safe to
Say your heart is in the wrong place.
Let’s be honest cause honestly, Not
Everything is so damn hard to believe. So
Stop talking, your words just get in the
Way. Your heart is in the wrong place.
Trust me when I say, i don’t miss the
Constant bullshit you left at my door
Step, or the lack of scenery. I guess life
Built us differently.